Reminiscent Reflections

Between Hearts and Minds

In Memory of Rachel Corrie

A video introduction to the Argument from Design, Discussed poetically, elsewhere.

Random Reflections

Think before you leap,
For you’ll be liable, complete. 
And like the dead earth is revived,
So shall you be derived,
In another life.

The concept’s extreme,
But this life is a dream.
Just imagine the scene,
When you see the unseen,
In the After Life. 

Once Upon a Timelessness…

Once upon a time, in fact upon a timelessness…

Ask Stephan Hawking, he will bear witness.

There was nothing, nothing at all for a timeless eternity,

BANG! Then there came into existence everything we see.

Scientists say: Time, space, matter and energy were created back then,

When asked about the cause, they go: Who? What? & When?

The sincere chaps among them,

Humbly acknowledge that they can’t explain.

But them adamant folks you’ll find many,

Mind closed, Mouth open, toiling endlessly!

Concocting lies after lies in a philosophical disguise,

Unwilling to talk or compromise,

Yet apparently, blatantly out to baptize!

Why do they not realize?

That the evidences of creation can only be seen by the wise.

Those who value reality over vanity,

And instead of stumbling in the darkness of insanity,

Wake up and open their eyes!

Let me summarize,

What I want you to analyze.

Our universe is a life permitting one,

The fine tuning and intricate details have been marvelously done…

For instance, consider the expansion rate of the universe,

The rate at which it’s elementary bodies disperse.

If it were altered, by 4-18 seconds even,

It would have shattered,

Re-collapsed upon itself right then!

Had it not been for the atomic weak force and the strength of gravity,

The universe would contain no life, nor humanity.

Even a change of one part in 10100 of it’s value,

Wouldn’t permit life in the universe, I tell you!

These are but a few balances of the many,

That hold our universe together so delicately.

Some might argue: This balance is just there,

And this is how things always were.

No, this isn’t due to physical necessity,

As it doesn’t depend on laws of nature, not even itty-bitty!

‘Cuz if that were the case,

(Much contrary to the reality we face,)

We’d have to admit,

That a universe without life couldn’t possibly exist!

However that could very well be a possibility,

And hence this premise fails in it’s probability.

Now if you think this could’ve come about by chance,

Think again, ‘cuz this isn’t the way our everyday lives advance.

Yes there’s a chance for everything, Yo Skeptic!

But you argue just as an irrational fanatic!

‘Cuz the probability of it coming about in this manner,

Is so low, that it’s virtually impossible without a planner!

Ultimately, the only logical conclusion,

Is to believe in the design of creation

But how do we know that it was all caused by a personal being?

How can we say that of the unseen?

The cause could have been mechanical,

But we can’t say for sure, ‘cuz that would be radical!

However this we can say and shout,

And there is absolutely no doubt.

That there is something instead of nothing,

Listen to what I’m saying, I ain’t bluffing.

All the original conditions holding the vastness and diversity of life,

Are so delicate, as if on the edge of a knife!

To attribute this to chance and physical necessity,

To continue in this circle of frivolity,

That would be a mad man’s voice,

As this couldn’t have come about, but as a result of a choice.

So we see that life was chosen to be…

Choice implies will and will indicates personality!

That personality, that personal being,

Is generally called ‘God’, With almost unanimous agreeing. 

The One and Only, The Transcendent,

The Eternal, The Immaterial,

The Uncaused, Personal Agent. 

A question’s often posed after such a discussion:

Who created the creator of creation?

I could argue that that wouldn’t be God by definition,

But even if I gave it some relaxation,

This point I mustn’t forget to mention.

That, such immature questions,

Defy science, it’s philosophy and foundations!

Which teach that “The best explanation doesn’t require an explanation.”

And even if we adopt the same attitude,

If we were to follow in this similitude,

i.e. to question, every attempt of explaining the explanation,

We would end up with an infinite regression!

And that would defeat the whole purpose of science in the first place,

Which seeks to provide an explanation for such concerns of the human race!

“Every blessing, no matter how enormous or trivial, which does not bring a person close to God, is a bane.”


Imam Salamah b. Dinar

The Self

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gone are the days of ideological rhetoric, 

Ineffectively contentious, unproductive and overly problematic.

Let’s not get carried away, quibbling over semantics,

Let’s not indulge in pointless intellectual gymnastics.


To positively engage is the need of the hour,

So let aside all prejudice, preconceived notions,

And let empathy overpower.


Who are ‘you’, my dear reader?

A biological byproduct or an outcome of social pressure?

Who are ‘you’, my dear reader, if not,

A pre-planned, programmed ‘Robot’.


Is this truly ‘you’, or are you more,

Contemplate this now, if you haven’t before.


Let not ‘yourself’ be defined by societal norms,

If indeed you are more, than just one who apprehensively conforms.


Know that your ‘intellectual convictions’ will be in vain,

If, for Truth, you are unprepared to stand pain.


You need to stand up for what you believe to be true,

And instead of reacting to context, allow it to react to you!


The bulk of humanity,

Seeks to hide and avoid its reality.

Trying to hide from its own confrontations,

Hiding away in masks and impersonations.


Let me draw your attention,

To the crux of my contention,


As to all things in life, there are two distinct dimensions:

(a) ‘The Facts’ and (b) ‘Our Interpretations’.


Understand that these are two separate spheres to begin with,

For without this realization, we would be entertaining a myth,

A forlorn drama, Rehearsed and reiterated,

Fueling the Ego, which forever remains unsated.


Lets be honest and humble enough,

To make this indispensable differentiation,

Between ‘Facts’ and our ‘Interpretations’.


For, while facts remain ever unchangeable,

Our interpretations are always manageable.


But what are ‘Our Interpretations’ based on ultimately,

If not, our conceptions of who we are, in reality.


Transcend the confines of social structures,

Do not settle for mere conjectures,

Probe into the depths of your mind,

And define ‘yourself’, lest you be defined.


Thus understanding yourself better,

Breaking free from every normative fetter,

Know your created self, Know your Creator!


"Do not become like those who forget God and God makes them forget themselves. It is they who are truly deprived." [Quran; Surah Hashr 59:19] 

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

—   Stephen King

With Peace

Peace be with you all,

This is where I plan to share my poetry, prose and other random musings